The Power of Parallel Workflow – Being Everywhere at Once

Throughout your organization, there are many different people who need access to your project & transactional data.

That’s a positive thing –  a sign of progressive operations. But do you have a way to give all of these people access, all at once?

You already know how helpful it can be to automate your process workflows. There’s cost savings, time savings, and increased visibility. But what if you could increase those benefits but letting multiple people access your documents all at once?

With IntelliChief, you now have the ability to let different people, across different workflow paths, access the same documentation that’s being accessed by their colleagues. And, that coinciding data can be shared across multiple team members, eliminating duplicate effort and hold-ups.

Streamlined simultaneous access lets you complete projects faster than ever before – and used in conjunction with our mapped business process automation, it’s a level of efficiency that’s never been possible before.

You can even let different employees access your documentation through different ways – e.g., desktop for your in-office AP processors, and mobile for your on-the-go sales reps.

You’ll benefit from the power of parallel workflow.

To see the new parallel processing features in action with IntelliChief ECM, request a demo here.


IntelliChief Partnership Programs for Systems Integrators

IntelliChief, a provider of automated document management and enterprise workflow solutions, announces new marketing and technical additions to the company’s Partnership Programs for Systems Integrators. Our newest provisions focus on product introduction and presentation tools, to go along with our comprehensive support resources. Prompted by geographic representation needs in response to North American JD Edwards and SAP demand, these resources are now available to assist participating System Integrators to add ECM that integrates with any ERP or business system they offer.

IntelliChief Partnership Programs for Systems Integrators

Reciprocal engagement involves IntelliChief providing referral leads and integration project opportunities to System Integrator Partners, along with supporting Partner-originating ECM needs in their offerings portfolio.

IntelliChief’s Partnership Programs for Systems Integrators offer meets the needs of discovery, program presentation and configuration mapping assistance, based on each Partner’s preferred engagement level. Activities and incentives are customized per program, with the objective of best supporting each Partner’s business model.

To learn more about our Systems Integrator Partnerships, contact us today.

See IntelliChief ECM at HUG – JDE ECM for AP and Orders Automation

To be featured at Q1’s HUG meeting: Fiscal Fitness for JDE: Today’s AP and Orders Automation Abilities, a presentation by IntelliChief.

As an Oracle Gold Partner provider of enterprise content management (ECM) for JD Edwards systems, we help companies automate the documentation capture and management process. Our software can validate and update your JDE-based data, while facilitating an automated workflow in line with the way your company works.

The presentation will cover –

AP automation initiatives, including:

•             Reducing costs associated with processing and filing vendor invoices
•             Increasing automation and streamline processes via workflow
•             Increasing visibility into the invoice approval and exception handling processes through dashboards and reports
•             Reducing the risk of late payment fees while increasing the amount of early payment discounts.

Automated sales order processing, with benefits that include:

•             Faster, more accurate order processing and lower costs to process orders
•             Increased process control and visibility for orders needing to be routed for review, approval or other exception handling
•             A reduced Days Sales Outstanding
•             Improved Customer Service experiences for customers, and for staff managing each account.

Looking forward to seeing you March 6th.

Unable to attend? Contact us for the presentation’s on-demand recording.

IntelliChief ECM Named Global 50 Leading Company of the Year

IntelliChief, LLC, a provider of automated ECM software, has been named among the Global 50 Leading Companies of the Year by The Silicon Review.

The designation reflects the company’s rapid growth and industry award-winning product development in the areas of multi-format automated document capture and indexing, company-specific process management configured workflow, operational visibility and business planning analytics, and integration with all enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business systems.

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3 Reasons Why Analytics Changes Your Life

Analytics give clear insight into your company’s health. It’s like an X-ray, showing you everything that lies just below the surface of what you can easily.

There are at least 3 reasons why analytics changes your workplace life. With IntelliChief’s Document Analytics, you’ll be able to:

  • See every project’s status, clearly. When projects involve multiple departments, things move fast. It can be hard to know the status of every project, at any time. Analytics gives you complete visibility into each transaction & document route.
  • Let each user see what they need to see.  Your CTO has different goals than your CFO. And your end users have challenges all of their own. Any IntelliChief user can create a custom report, without technical training. Sharing reports is easy, too. Whether you need a high-level overview or a detailed drill-down of a specific data set, the choice is yours.
  • Make better decisions.  Again, like an X-ray – the image is only as good as what you do with it. IntelliChief’s reports are yours for the exploration. And once you’ve identified a problem? It’s easy to create an action plan. You now have the information needed for developing confident strategy to guide your future.

Have a look (literally) at how it works – or contact us with any questions you have.


Sales Order Processing for JD Edwards – Automation, Control and Visibility

You currently receive inbound orders from your customers. And you enter those orders in JD Edwards. But there is a lot more to it, much more to consider – what’s to gain by automating your Order to Cash process? How do you manage your customer orders and related shipping and billing documents? What processes and visibility do you have in place to control error rates on order fulfillment, lost orders, and DSO?

Join us for a 30-minute webinar on leveraging IntelliChief in your Order to Cash process, integrated with your JD Edwards application. Learn how inbound customer orders can be captured and processed without manual order entry, how workflow can be used to route orders for review and further processing, and how all documents related to a Customer transaction can be stored electronically. The beneficial result:

  • Faster, more accurate order processing that lowers the cost to process orders
  • More process control and visibility for orders needing to be routed for review, approval or other exception handling
  • Increased understanding and management of your Days Sales Outstanding
  • Greater Customer Service experiences for your customers, and for your staff managing each account.

Register today!

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Time: 2:00 – 2:30pm EST

Unable to attend? Contact us for an on-demand viewing link.

Fiscal Fitness for Infor – Today’s Accounts Payable and Sales Orders Automation Abilities

Your organization has dedicated teams responsible for paying your vendors and processing orders from your customers. Traditionally, these processes are often very manual, time consuming, and error prone. And most of all, COSTLY! Join us for a webinar exclusive for Infor users to learn about the automation capabilities that are available to you.

Accounts Payable & Sales Order Processing – topics covered include:

Best in Class organizations who automate their Accounts Payable and Sales Order processes will greatly reduce costs, while mitigating the risks associated with late payments, data entry errors, and lost orders. Through this automation, you’ll be able to capture more vendor discounts, reduce DSO, provide greater customer and vendor service, and have the information available to you to drive key business decisions.

Register today!

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Time: 2:00 – 2:30am EDT

Unable to attend? Contact us for an on-demand viewing link.

JD Edwards Accounts Payable Automation and Beyond….

Is your Accounts Payable process as automated as it can be? If not – or if you’re not sure – join us for this webinar exclusive for JD Edwards customers.

See how IntelliChief for AP Automation will increase visibility and control, reduce costs to process invoices, and decrease invoice cycle times all with a seamless and robust integration in to your JD Edwards application. Topics include:

  • Reducing costs associated with processing and filing vendor invoices by over 75%.
  • Increase automation and streamline processes via workflow to reduce cycle time by 80%.
  • Increasing visibility into the AP processes through reports and dashboards.
  • Reduce the risk of late payment fees while increasing the amount of early payment discounts.

Why IntelliChief? Beyond being a solution that can be implemented for Accounts Payable, IntelliChief is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. That means other departments like Customer Service, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and others can also leverage the same solution!

IntelliChief, Accounts Payable and beyond… Register today!

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Time: 11:00 – 11:30am EST

Unable to attend? Contact us for an on-demand viewing link!