Human Capital Management ECM – File Management Automation and Workflow Security

In HR, security & confidentiality is of the highest importance.

With IntelliChief, you don’t have to worry about keeping your files secure. Every record you create for your employees or contractors is saved in a permissions-based digital archive, then deleted when it’s no longer needed.

See how our document management solutions can make your HR data more secure – download the case study here.

Stopping that ‘Something’s Missing’ Sensation of Projects and Transactions

You have – or can get – all the information you need for your projects and transactions. Pulling it all together is the tough part.

We’ve all been there – and we all know that “something’s missing” sensation. And we all know how frustrating it can be try to figure out what that “something” is – and where you’re supposed to find it.

Incomplete documentation is the bane of many departments. It’s taxing on resources (people and money). It slows everything down and causes unnecessary overwork on you and your staff.

But what if you never had to deal with it ever again?

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise can make sure that all of your documentation is captured, circulated, and easy to retrieve whenever you need it.

The program automates the digital collection of your data from your documents (including those that originate in paper and electronic formats). It identifies the key information you need for your specific processes, and gets that information directly into your automated workflows. It even verifies and updates data in your ERP or line of business system.

Instead of worrying about what you need to be finding in a cluttered office, you’ll:

  • See significantly reduced document processing costs
  • Never again have to worry that your data is inaccurate or incomplete
  • Speed up your workflows and make your staff more efficient
  • Reduce the amount of document handling & manual data entry that goes into your common business processes
  • Improve your corporate cash flow

What’s not to love about streamlined business processes? It’s an answer with a rapid ROI. To learn more, contact us today.

IntelliChief ECM Named Most Innovative Company of 2017

CIO Bulletin Silicon Valley has named IntelliChief the Most Innovative Company of 2017.

Our enterprise content management & workflow automation solutions are constantly evolving – helping other companies work more efficiently. Here’s what we were up to this year:

And, of course, we continued our trend of successfully helping companies simplify their back office. That’s something that we’ll continue to do for years to come.