Something Lacking from Document Capture in Document Management

It’s something you’ve seen before, perhaps in other (previous) approaches to document management. A lack of thoroughness prevents you from getting everything you need from your document capture tools. Maybe certain pieces of information are repeatedly left out. Maybe you can’t pick up handwriting, or non-standard invoice formats…the list goes on and on.

And that information you needed? If it’s left out of your digital documentation, you miss out on the benefits of ECM. Crucial data is left out of your archived project & transaction data collections, and it’s omitted from your automated workflows.

At that point, why bother?

IntelliChief gives you total peace of mind that all of your information – whether it’s currently in paper format, digital files, or on your staff’s computers or mobile devices – is collected in a centralized archive, and accessible whenever you need it. If it’s not in your ERP or line of business system yet, it takes just seconds to import it.

It all starts with Capture Enterprise.

If you’re ready to improve your approach to automated document processing, here’s the perfect whitepaper to get you started.

It outlines the 5 unique processes used by IntelliChief ECM to ensure data integrity and process adherence.

Users report a 50%+ overall reduction in document processing costs. Want to see what it could do for your organization? Contact IntelliChief to find out.

IntelliChief ECM Microsoft Active Directory Synchronization Aggregates Business System Information

IntelliChief’s document management software now includes Microsoft Active Directory synchronization, which helps companies easily collect information from multiple business systems.

The new ability to gather data from Active Directory user profiles with IntelliChief ECM user profiles enables User Authentication and universal system recognition. It also further reduces manual system administration, time-consuming keying, and tedious workflow reviews/approval routing.

With the new update, information is continuously synchronized between a company’s network and their IntelliChief ECM system. This ensures that each user’s permissions and workflow-group inclusions remain current.

This advancement is based on a company’s specific business processes and ERP data. By adding users to workflow groups based on Active Directory information, each person’s specific privileges can be automatically applied.

To learn more about the Microsoft Active Directory Synchronization update, or any of our other ECM innovations, contact IntelliChief today.

IntelliChief ECM Named Fastest Growing ERP Solution Provider

IntelliChief has been named a Fastest Growing ERP Solution Provider by Insights Success.

For decades, we’ve been developing best-in-class solutions for automated document capture and indexing, company-specific configured process management workflow, and business planning analytics. But we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We’re always looking for new ways to integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business systems, and expand our reach through additional departments (like Finance, Operations, and Human Resources). As we look forward, we’re planning to capitalize on the advances we’ve made, and continually adapt our products to the fast-paced ECM market.

Click here to learn more about our company’s commitment to better ECM.

The Benefits of Accounts Payable Workflow Automation (Case Study)

Growth stories are always inspirational. We all want the best for our business – and when we see certain strategies succeed, we start thinking about how they can fit in our own.

Here’s one story that’s especially inspiring:

This company experienced 34% growth in its personnel base during the past five years. The kicker? They added automation as fast as they added people.

In their words:

“Automating our Accounts Payable workflow with IntelliChief ECM has provided us the ability to map our goals and targets, with visibility to processing status of daily tasks. This has provided us a phenomenal advantage with reviews and approvals, and with our cash flow management.”

“It’s proved to be – IntelliChief ECM has saved us considerable resource time over our previous manual processes way of running our business, both in the AP department and in all others throughout the company utilizing the system.”

See how they’re growing – and get a better idea of how ECM can benefit your company, too.

IntelliChief ECM Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2017

IntelliChief, a provider of manufacturing document management and workflow automation solutions, announces their support of Manufacturing Day 2017.

The celebration is planned for October 6th. Company-wide, we’ll be educating each other, and acknowledging the contributions that manufacturing professionals make to the economy (and consumers’ quality of life.)

Manufacturing Day is supported by a group of industry sponsors and co-producers, including:

  • The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International
  • The National Association of Manufacturers
  • The Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership

We’re looking forward to celebrating the success of large and small manufacturers, and continually helping these companies address their concerns and challenges.