Why Technical Support Matters When Choosing an ECM Provider

When you choose an ECM provider, it’s crucial to find a company that has your back on the technical side. After all – even the best software is of no use if you can’t use it!

That’s why IntelliChief is so dedicated to providing the best Technical Services possible. We train and encourage the best professionals to become even better at what they do – and our customers benefit from the results.

ECM Provider Technical Support




Here’s a testimonial that’s worth sharing.

“IntelliChief’s Implementation Team were phenomenal. They took the time to thoroughly understand our ways of conducting business, and how best to automate our processes to suit,” stated our customers’ IT Project Manager. “The benefits of their diligence payed off in the configuration; we have the system we need.”

Our team took the time to map out the customer’s specific business processes. That allowed us to create a completely personalized document management & automated workflow environment. It required hours of discovery and planning to architect the system – but the effort paid off.

And our job wasn’t over once the software was installed. Our Technical Services Team was in constant contact with the customer post-implementation. The reason? Ongoing adjustments can help users gain even more from their document management system over time. And when there’s any issue that could prevent a user from accessing the data that’s so vital to their business, our team is on it.

Our goal as your ECM provider?

No delays, no disruption to your business. 

“IntelliChief’s Technical Support staff are consistently quickly responsive; there whenever we need them, and that’s appreciated in a technology provider. They’re on it.” commented the IT Project Manager. “Their System Review Service assures we’re receiving the best functionality and value from our IntelliChief system – it’s a commitment they honor.”

Want to read more? Get the details of the entire project here.

IntelliChief ECM Presenting at Oracle Quest COLLABORATE 17

IntelliChief will be presenting at the Oracle Quest COLLABORATE 17 conference. The event will be held from April 2-6, 2017 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas.

The technology and applications forum for the Oracle community brings together users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite.

IntelliChief will present Automate and Integrate your Accounts Payable Process with JD Edwards, Monday April 3rd, 1:30 – 2:30 pm in Room Surf B. Demonstrations and discussions will be held daily in the Exhibit Section, IntelliChief Booth 638.

The Reality of Reducing Your Accounts Payable Processing Costs

Ask 100 companies if they’d like to reduce their Accounts Payable processing costs, and 99 would likely say yes.

(And the one that says no? They’ve probably automated their AP workflows, and have already brought the costs down to a more reasonable level.)

The reality? Manual invoice processing is expensive. It’s a time-consuming experience, and highly inefficient.

The Reality of Reducing Your Accounts Payable Processing Costs

What Other Companies are Saying About Accounts Payable Automation

Here’s what The Institute of Financial Operations found when they asked companies about their current approach to AP:

  • 9 out of 10 organizations still deal with paper invoices and transaction documents.
  • 80 percent said that their volume of invoices increased or remained roughly the same over the past year.
  • 60 percent reported that the bulk of their increase was paper-based.
  • 80 percent confirmed that half or more of their invoices arrived in paper format. (A majority said that paper made up more than 90 percent of their total invoice volume.)
  • 60 percent required between 5 and 25 full-time employees for invoice entry and validation.
  • 70% had a steady or increased number of errors during invoice entry and payment in the last 18 months.
  • 7 out of 10 organizations said that purchase order-based AP automation is important to a comprehensive automation project.
  • 60 percent said that they were focusing on controlling their spend and ensuring that their purchases are made with preferred suppliers.
  • 45 percent said that they were focusing on eliminating mismatches and exceptions that lead to blocked invoice payment.
  • 65 percent noted the average time it takes to process an invoice increased over the past year.
  • Just over half of the companies were able to capture “a significant amount” of early payment discounts
  • 45 percent of companies used front-end document capture software, but only 20 percent used optical character recognition software to replace manual ERP keying
  • Only 10 percent of respondents had full data extraction and ERP validation capabilities

If you made it through all those statistics, congratulations: it’s a lot of information to absorb. But it’s important information – and it shows that companies are spending more time thinking about their Accounts Payable expenses (and ways to reduce them.)

What You Can Do To Reduce Your Accounts Payable Costs

At IntelliChief, we understand that reducing your AP costs can be easier said than done. But, we’ve developed comprehensive  solutions – including an electronic invoice validation program – that are well worth the investment. Most of our customers achieve a full ROI within one year of implementation, with a 75 percent reduction in invoice processing costs. They can completely avoid late payment fees by getting invoices out the door faster, in turn capturing a higher percentage of available discounts.

And when it comes to non-financial benefits? Our customers have reduced their AP cycle time by 80 percent, prevented the time-consuming mistakes that occur when manually entering invoice data into their ERPs, and gained more visibility into their Accounts Payable processes through intuitive, decision-enhancing reports.

The best part? You can keep your specific processes in place. Strategic automation is all it takes to achieve these results.

To learn more, contact us today. Or, download our AP automation overview to see more of the cost-reduction advantages.