IntelliChief Named Top 10 Accounting Software Solution Provider

IntelliChief, LLC, has been named a Top 10 Accounting Software Solution Provider by CFO Tech Outlook.

Our AP automation solutions have helped a number of companies reduce costs, streamline complex business processes, and increase visibility into their ongoing accounting workflows. With invoice collection & matching functions, GL coding options, and customizable process management builders, IntelliChief offers one of the most comprehensive accounting automation systems on the market.

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Case Study: Fortune 500 Manufacturer Achieves Major Savings with ECM

Here’s a complex business case:

A manufacturer, which was founded in 1946, grows into a Fortune 500 company. With more than 13,000 products on offer, they develop tiered channels of direct-to-central purchasing operations, an expansive franchise distributor network for trade users, and an e-commerce platform for consumer purchases.

With so much going on, it was all but impossible to keep up.

Entering the information for every single new customer – and every single transaction – into their ERP was just not feasible. They started experiencing cash flow issues, due to employees spending too much valuable time on manual data entry. Department costs became astronomical, late payment fees started eating into profits, and vendor discounts were routinely un-collected. But this manufacturer wasn’t alone – all of these are common occurrences in companies with manual processing environments.

After reaching out to IntelliChief, the company was able to come up with a much-needed solution for enterprise content management. Our software was able to do what their employees couldn’t: handle all of the daily processing work in minutes, while automating key workflows throughout Accounts Payable, Customer Service, Distribution, Purchasing, and Administration.

Download this ECM case study to see how our solutions brought the large organization closer together, for the better.