Case Study – ECM Success for Multiple-ERP Environment Manufacturing Company

Companies that are built on a multiple-ERP platform face unique challenges.

One? Eliminating data “silos” from various departments, such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Finance, Customer Service, HR, and Operations.

Another? Finding technologies that allow them to grow and modernize their business, without making them move away from the technologies they already own.

Unfortunately, many solutions only work with a single ERP. That makes it harder for multi-platform companies to find technologies that they can use.

At IntelliChief, we specialize in custom, cross-platform document solutions for multiple ERPs. One such project? A complete document management integration for for a large manufacturer that used one ERP at their corporate headquarters, but two others in the field.

Here’s the case study.

The outcome? Enviable growth, better interdepartmental collaboration, and maximized cash flow throughout their entire organization.

Interested in achieving those same financial benefits for yourself? Contact us today to learn more about our customizable, multiple-ERP document management solutions.

IntelliChief Expands ECM Document Capture Functionality

IntelliChief’s document management and workflow solutions are now enhanced with the addition of Capture Enterprise. This new, comprehensive document capture capability takes even automates key steps in the document import process. Enterprise content management has never been easier.

The new feature significantly reduces labor-intensive document preparation and manual data entry to streamline indexing. It collects the information from your documents, so you don’t have to.

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise is designed to:

  • Collect documents– Capture Enterprise works with documents of all formats and configurations. You can scan in paper documents or have electronic documents automatically captured as they arrive.
  • Optimize documents – Capture Enterprise automatically enhances each image for readability. It can clean up shadows, spots, and other distractions for more reliable document indexing.
  • Profile documents – Capture Enterprise uses OCR to collect key information from each document for indexing. From there, it imports the data into your ECM and auto-populates key index fields.
  • Verify documents – IntelliChief compares each document’s data with the information that’s already saved in your enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or line of business system. Verified documents are made available for workflows; documents with errors are sent to your employees for review.
  • Export documents – After being captured and converted into images, files are released to IntelliChief’s archive, where they’re automatically organized along with corresponding documentation.
  • View documents – You have browser-based, monitored visibility of each capture sequence in its progression. And, of course, you have desktop and mobile viewing of system-archived documents at any time.

IntelliChief Capture Enterprise is created for ease of use with minimal instruction needed, reducing costs and accelerating document processing efficiencies.

To learn more about Capture Enterprise, contact us today.

Case Study – ECM Success in a JD Edwards, Infor Prism and IBM Maximo Environment

Use multiple ERP systems? You’re not alone. But you are – more likely than not – wasting time syncing data across disparate systems.

A comprehensive document management strategy can help. And at IntelliChief, we’re pros at handling multiple-ERP environments. By focusing on enterprise-class content management solutions, we’ve developed a long history of solving complex problems for large organizations.

Here’s a case study that proves our point. For this project, we helped a customer design a solution that worked with JD Edwards, Infor Prism, and IBM Maximo. And the results were seamless: this 6,000-product manufacturer was able to streamline their workflows across all of their ERPs.

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Finance, Customer Service, Invoice Management, Human Resources, Operations, Legal, and IT all got in on the action. See their real-world strategies for promoting robust, company-wide growth, inter-departmental collaboration, and cash flow maximization.