IntelliChief Analytics – Know Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

IntelliChief Analytics provides you with complete visibility into your company’s documentation (and the associated workflow cycles.) You can start making better decisions – especially when it comes to your company’s cash flow.

This business intelligence platform is the newest component of IntelliChief’s enterprise content management (ECM) program. It lets you see your document paths in real time. Scalable dashboards let you visualize all of your data in charts and reports. You can then share your findings in any format – including Excel.

Simple, User-Friendly Document Reporting

IntelliChief Analytics is built for the end-user. Drag and drop simplicity (and self-service reporting features) mean that anyone can create and share insightful dashboards. No coding is required. And you can customize everything about your reporting formats. It doesn’t matter what data you need – or how your corporate stakeholders want to see it. You can explore, gather insights, and create action plans in whatever way makes the most sense for your organization.

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