HR Cost Savings Through Electronic Document Management & Automated Workflows

Human resources can be costly – but it doesn’t have to be. Many repetitive, time-consuming tasks can be easily automated – giving your experts more time to focus on hiring and growth.

Here’s one example:

Your HR department has to create and maintain a file for each employee, 1099 contractor, and vendor that you work with. This can involve a massive number of paper-based and electronic files.

If they’re wasting hours printing out applications and benefits forms, signing and dating them, and filing them away, that’s time that they could be spending on more value-driven tasks. And if – later down the line – they need to find a specific form, but have to search through their records to locate what they’re looking for – that’s even more time that doesn’t need to spent that way.

HR Cost Savings

IntelliChief lets you achieve major HR cost savings by automating key activities, keeping all of your employee files organized (and ready for quick electronic access), and ensuring the security of all your confidential data. Additional cost savings are achieved by:

  • Automatically capturing information from your paper-based forms. Your HR managers don’t have to manually type everything in.
  • Maintaining a long-term archive without the expense of paper, ink, toner, envelopes, and secure storage structures.
  • Consolidating all of your employee data into a single, secure (access-protected) platform.
  • Providing immediate access to any requested record through a simple keyword search. Records are available on both desktop & mobile device.
  • Ensuring business continuity (by electronically protecting your corporate records) in the event of an unexpected disaster or business disruption.
  • Reliably deleting records once they are no longer needed, simplifying the off-boarding process.
  • Automating key workflows, such as benefits administration and PTO approvals, based on custom-to-your-company business rules.

Extend the ROI of Your Existing HR Management System

IntelliChief also integrates with your enterprise resource planning & human resource management software. When a new file is added to IntelliChief, it’s instantly updated in your other databases. Everything is seamlessly connected, eliminating frustrating information silos. If you’ve been frustrated with how difficult your current program is to use, this is an easy way to make it simpler (and extend the life of your investment).

To see what sort of savings you can achieve in your own HR department, contact us today. Or, request a custom demo of our human resources automation software, and see how you can transform your workflows to fit in today’s fast-paced environment.

Paperless Solutions for Your Supply Chain Documents

The more products you buy and sell, the more supply chain documents you have to manage. There’s manifests and cargo logs for outbound documents, and receiving documents for inbound shipments – and that’s just scratching the surface.

IntelliChief offers a better solution for managing your logistical documents. It works in tandem with your ERP or supply chain management system, helping you automatically capture your documentation. Everything from bills of lading and carrier liability contracts to customs forms and shipping acknowledgements is automatically imported and saved in a digital archive. From one central platform, you can instantly retrieve everything you need to know about any particular order.

Supply Chain Document Management

This paperless approach to supply chain logistics lets you:

  • Assemble complete records for every shipment, with all related documents stored together in your system
  • Provide different employees (and departments) with simultaneous access to your records, from computers and mobile devices
  • Gain immediate visibility into the logistics of each shipment
  • Create custom portals for your trade partners to access information as needed, so they’re not constantly reaching out to you for updates

Most importantly? It lets you instantly validate the accuracy of your supply chain documents with the vendor or customer information that’s stored in your ERP or SCM. Nobody has to waste their time reviewing the data and manually typing it in. And when it comes to workflows? Those are started automatically as well, with our software quickly routing each project through to completion.

What to Expect When You Manage Your Supply Chain Documents Electronically

Our supply chain information management system removes the barriers – and the costs – of paper-based document distribution. This means faster, more efficient deliveries – and in turn, better customer relationships. It also means faster, more accurate processing of the documents that come in to your organization from your vendors (and a perfect opportunity to end late payment fees.)

Logistics is fast-paced. You need to have access to your documents at a moments’ notice. Not only are missing records costly to track down, but they can bring operations to a halt – and your business just can’t afford that.

If you’re ready for a better solution, IntelliChief can help. Our document capture and routing technologies can keep your information moving, while verifying the accuracy of every shipment. We’ve worked with both local and global enterprises, and offer solutions that can benefit any type of supply chain.

To learn more about our supply chain logistics solutions, contact us today. Or, request a demo of IntelliChief here.

Is Automating Accounts Payable Processes Worth the Effort?

According to the Institute of Finance & Management, 61% of top global companies have implemented Accounts Payable (AP) automation. But this movement hasn’t come without challenges.

The main issue? Money.

When a CFO looks at potential expenditures, they need to know how each one will impact their bottom line. And it’s not just the immediate impact on cash flow. There’s long-term risks (and rewards) to consider. Without the right profile, even the most promising project won’t get funding.

Is Automating Accounts Payable Processes Worth the Effort?

The ROI of AP Automation

The good news: AP automation has an incredibly high ROI. And the larger the organization, the more they stand to save.

Accounts Payable is a primarily manual process. One example: the two- or three-way match. Someone has to find the documents, check them line by line to make sure they’re accurate, and approve the invoices for final payment. This is often a disconnected process – and one that AP professionals find themselves repeating hundreds of times a month.

By taking the manual effort out of this business process, automation makes it much faster. And because time is money – and the valuable resources that go into AP processing can be re-allocated to other tasks – the impact is significant.

Those savings also start accumulating on Day One. Every electronically-processed vendor transaction saves you upwards of $10 – and that’s without taking into account an increase in employee productivity. Because their time and talents will be better-utilized, they’ll be less likely to leave for more challenging roles – and you won’t have to invest resources in hiring and training their replacements.

Automating Custom AP Practices

One caveat: cookie-cutter approaches just won’t…well…cut it.

AP professionals create and change their business processes to best fit the challenges that they encounter on a day-to-day basis. Software that can’t be customized can’t provide the same ROI as a solution that can completely tailored to the user’s needs.

IntelliChief’s AP automation software is designed to provide the highest possible return on investment. Our ECM products:

  • Can capture documents from all inbound formats: paper, emails and attachments, and native electronic files of any time.
  • Indexes the data as soon as it’s received, and uses it to populate user-specific designated fields within an ERP.
  • Work with any and all ERP technologies, helping companies extend the software investments that they’ve already made.
  • Automate key workflows to complete them before the deadline. (Here’s a sobering statistic: more than 75 percent of payment-based supplier discounts go unclaimed by purchasers – simply because they can’t process their invoices quickly enough to take advantage.)

Of course, they’re fully configurable – which means that your organization’s particular business processes will be maintained just the way they are. Only now, they’ll be faster. And, you’ll have more accurate, real-time visibility into the status of every project (and every transaction.) You’ll be less likely to overlook a potential discount, and late fees will be a thing of the past.

Find Out How You Can Reduce Workflow Costs by More Than 70 Percent

Many studies suggest that the ongoing cost savings of accounts payable workflow automation can top 70 percent (when compared to manual processes). And at IntelliChief, we’re proud to say that our customers typically achieve a full return on their investment within a single year.

So: is automating accounts payable processes worth the effort? You tell us.

And if you want to see what kind of benefits you can achieve? Contact us today to see how we can help.

Case Study – Order Processing and Accounts Payable Automation Cost Savings

Order processing and accounts payable: are there any other processes that are quite as time-consuming – or expensive – for an organization?

If there are, we haven’t found them yet – but we sure know how to make both less of a headache.

Case Study – Order Processing and Accounts Payable Automation Cost Savings

See how our workflow automation software helped one global manufacturer simplify their order processing & AP cycles from end to end.

  • Thanks to order processing improvements, they were able to get paid more quickly for their products. This, in turn, improved their company’s cash flow.
  • Thanks to AP automation, they were able to receive more vendor discounts and avoid late fees. This also had a major impact on their bottom line – for the better!

To get the details, read their story here.


Automated Approvals Speed Up Your Document-Driven Workflows

IntelliChief’s document management system now includes auto-approval convenience. Instead of processing every single document individually, you can move through more projects (and transactions) with less effort.

Automated Document Approvals

This new feature was designed to eliminate repetitive, stand-alone approvals. Now, standard documents can be processed straight-through. This makes your routine workflows faster – and more cost-effective.

As each approval is issued, it’s automatically logged in our back-end reports. That helps you maintain the integrity of your business processes & track each individual workflow as it’s completed.

Need to have something manually approved? Our approval routing software can get the document exactly where it needs to go – without the expense of printing it, shipping it, and waiting for it to be returned. With IntelliChief, you have an easy option for all of your crucial documents.

To see IntelliChief’s convenient new auto-approve workflow optimization enhancement, request a demo here.