Case Study – Automating Orders, Improving Cash Flow with JD Edwards ERP and IntelliChief

IntelliChief and JD Edwards – it’s a natural partnership. It’s also one that’s helped countless companies use their ERPs more efficiently.

Case Study - Automating Orders, Improving Cash Flow with JD Edwards ERP and IntelliChief

One example: this company automated their order processing and accounts payable workflows, which helped them:

  • Capture all of their order details without employee input
  • Move more product to market, more quickly
  • Speed up interdepartmental reviews and approvals
  • Process and pay all of their supplier invoices in time to take advantage of their vendor discounts
  • Completely end late payment fees

After you read our JD Edwards Automation Case Study, contact us to see how you can achieve the same benefits for yourself. We’ll show you how a stronger cash flow, more productive workforce, and happier customers are within reach.

Cash Flow via Paperless Process Management Workflow with SAP

How you use your ERP is directly tied to your cash flow.

How so?

If you spend too many valuable resources in your enterprise resource planning system – let’s say it’s SAP – your employees don’t have time to work on growth-promoting projects. You have fewer opportunities for strategic analysis, all because you’re too busy with manual data entry and time-consuming workflows.

IntelliChief can turn that problem on its head, though, helping you improve your cash flow through paperless process management.

Cash Flow via Paperless Process Management Workflow with SAP

Our workflow automation software helps you streamline many of the tasks that you do in SAP. From invoice processing to human capital management, it’s a comprehensive interdepartmental solution.

You benefit from:

  • Total document control and permission-based access
  • Instant data capture, indexing, and SAP import
  • SAP-synced data validation

With newly enhanced SAP automation capabilities, you’re able to work faster – and more accurately – from capture to workflow. That’s the beauty of enterprise content management.

And the beauty of IntelliChief?

It can integrate directly with your ERP, in a way that other solutions can’t. This makes it easier to simplify your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash workflows, giving your employees access to everything they need within their core applications.

Learn more about the improvements you can achieve with IntelliChief’s document management solutions.

Cash Flow Enhancing Workflow with PeopleSoft

Oracle’s PeopleSoft ERP can help you centralize your business processes – but getting your workflows going (and keeping them running smoothly) can be a challenge.

Cash Flow Enhancing Workflow with PeopleSoft

IntelliChief’s workflow automation software is designed to make things easier. You benefit in two unique – but complementary – ways:

  • Document control functionality lets you capture your documents and automatically get the data into PeopleSoft. You can manage documents in any format, index the contents, and retrieve the archived records from anywhere.
  • Workflow automation features let you use that data (without user input) to initiate and complete key business processes. Because IntelliChief communicates directly with PeopleSoft, it can validate your data instantly, making it easier to quickly and accurately complete your processes.

Your employees won’t spend as much time on monotonous work, and your processes immediately take up fewer valuable resources. This means a stronger cash flow for your company.

And, because we take an enterprise-scale approach to content management, you can transition away from costly manual workflow functions at every level of your business. That includes HR, customer service, accounting, finance, and even procurement.

Learn more about our workflow automation & paperless process management solutions here.

Case Study – Manufacturer Automates Order Processing, Enhances Profitability with IntelliChief

Manufacturers often have complex order processing workflows. They’re not just time-consuming, either. They can be incredibly expensive, taking up valuable resources and cutting into the company’s bottom line.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. IntelliChief’s manufacturing document management software makes it easier to collect orders, approve engineering change requests, and get products out the door. The end result? More efficient employees, and higher profits.


This quick-read, 2-page case study shows how a manufacturer did exactly that. Thanks to IntelliChief, they’ve completed automated their order processing workflow. Their new ERP-integrated solution means that they can capture every single order detail as soon as the order sheet arrives, speed up their interdepartmental reviews and approvals, and move their products to market more quickly.

See how they did it here.

The Evolution of Process Control into Workflow

For many foundries and diecasters, melting and pouring metal into molds is the easy part of their jobs. Doing it efficiently is slightly harder – but training and experience prepares then to work through the difficulties of time and temperature.

Workflow Automation for Foundry

But one thing that confounds even some of the brightest metal-casters? How to keep their back offices running smoothly.

Capturing customer information, processing supplier invoices, providing customer support…all of this can be a challenge for a busy foundry. But IntelliChief makes it easier.

Our experts share some of their tips in an article at Foundry Manufacturing and Technology

Want to put those tips to good use? Let IntelliChief help you improve your foundry’s back office with a faster, more efficient approach to your metalworking workflows. Contact us today to talk with an expert about a custom solution.

IntelliChief Foundry Software for Faster Production & Shorter Lead Times

Metalworking may not seem like an industry that’s a prime candidate for technological advancements – but IntelliChief’s workflow automation software is helping high-performing foundries improve operations even further.

One such case? This US foundry cut their production lead time in half. They replaced their complex, manual workflows with automated ones – and immediately reaped the benefits.

They even sat down with Foundry Trade Journal to share more of their story. (You can access that here.)

Some of their key outcomes:

  • Less time spent on order processing. Considering that they ship 1.8 million tons of product each year, that’s a major improvement!
  • Less employee effort put into manual document review. Contracts, engineering change orders, and quality assurance documents were automatically routed & processed.
  • Less manual data entry. Like many foundries, they used a B&L ERP to stay organized – but were spending too much time syncing information between systems.

With software streamlining their back office, the foundry was also able to put an end to lost orders. That not only means more satisfied customers, but also more repeat business!

Want to see if those same benefits are possible for your foundry as well? Contact us today to learn more about our productivity-enhancing process automation software.

JD Edwards Workflow Automation Case Study – Automated Order Processing, Improved Cash Flow 

JD Edwards helps companies manage their orders and carry out their accounts payable workflows. But, the amount of effort that goes into these processes can be hard to maintain.

At IntelliChief, we’ve helped a number of JD Edwards users automate orders and improve their cash flow with workflow automation.

Here’s one example:

Sperian Protection – a subsidiary of Honeywell Safety Products – started using IntelliChief to manage their faxed-in orders and invoices.

What they cleverly called a “paper-bypass solution” became a major factor in their company’s success. They started achieving more vendor discounts and avoiding late fees – and it all started with more efficient processes in their ERP.

See how IntelliChief’s JD Edwards-integrated document management solutions helped them start working smarter. Download the case study here.


Kubota Manufacturing of America Selects IntelliChief to Automate Accounts Payable Processing

IntelliChief, LLC, a provider of enterprise-class automated document management and workflow solutions, announces Kubota Manufacturing of America, a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation (US OTC:KUBTY) has selected IntelliChief for Accounts Payable document capture and business processes workflow automation abilities, enhancing interdepartmental collaborations and approvals.

IntelliChief’s Paperless Process Management software (PPM), an advancement of enterprise content management, provides a smooth transition from costly manual document management and workflow functions. It enables users to capture documentation in any format, index the contents and validate with data in their enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or Line of Business application, for lifecycle-managing all related documentation, and facilitating an optimized interdepartmental processes workflow.

Areas of IntelliChief’s use include Accounting (purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash), Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources, Legal, Operations and other paper and process-intensive departments, supporting process workflow time and cost savings throughout organizations.

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