IntelliChief Releases Integration Link to Expand Customers’ Integration Options for Its Document Management and Workflow Offerings

As part of its 3.5 release, IntelliChief has released new modules to its enterprise-class document management and workflow software. These modules now allow for deeper integration with any core Line of Business (LOB) application or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, on any platform.

IntelliChief Integration Link™

Integration Link is a new component that lets IntelliChief connect with any LOB or ERP, without programming or customized coding.

This module makes it easier than ever for users to connect all of their internal technologies. It also allows IntelliChief to easily retrieve documents that are ready for indexing and storage – regardless of the user’s interface to the enterprise system.

With the new integration module, users can:

  • Securely retrieve electronic documents from the IntelliChief repository
  • Index documents from various sources using known values from within their ERP or Line of Business Application
  • Avoid making costly modifications to their Line of Business application in the name of integration
  • Access the content they need from the screens and interfaces they already know
  • Increase the financial ROI of the technologies they already own
  • Quickly manage their document management software with a simple point and click interface
  • Streamline the processing of their documents, syncing data between multiple software systems and environments
  • Easily connect their workflows into their mission-critical processes, such as purchase to pay and order to cash

Point and Click Document Management Solutions for Any Browser or Server-Based ERP

The new module now expands IntelliChief’s reach into any ERP system whether, browser based, touch screen or a traditional client/server application. While IntelliChief’s enterprise-class document management and workflow solutions have long integrated with certain ERPs, the update allows for an even broader scope.

IntelliChief is used worldwide in Global 2000 enterprises and companies of all sizes to improve processing of documents in accounting, customer service, human resources, finance, and more.

“Integration Link is groundbreaking for our customers and our company.” says Ken Anderson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IntelliChief. “It allows our customers to rapidly integrate IntelliChief into other platforms and business applications without modification. They can literally image-enable virtually any application in minutes, and even provide access to documents between best-of-breed point solutions.”

Integration Link is available immediately. Prices start at $4,995 per system. Contact us today to learn more about Integration Link for IntelliChief, or request a demo to see the new document management features in action.