IntelliChief Attends the 2014 National Indian Gaming Association Convention

IntelliChief, a leading provider of document management and workflow software solutions, recently participated in NIGA’s annual conference in San Diego, CA.

IntelliChief’s world-class content management software allows casinos to eliminate paper HR records. The solutions keep sensitive information secure, while providing effortless visibility to authorized users.

Additionally, workflow capabilities transform manual tasks (such as identifying employees for re-certification and audit review processes), into automated workflows. E-mail alerts and automatic escalations ensure that everything is completed correctly and on time.

“IntelliChief is a natural fit in the gaming industry because of its robust security, audit traceability and ease of use.” declared Michal Jasper, Director of Business Development at IntelliChief. “During this conference, you can see the attendees’ eyes light up when they learn that they can simplify their audit and HR processes, while eliminating paper…You get to watch them have that ‘Ah-ha’ moment, right in front of you!”

With an open architecture, IntelliChief can seamlessly integrate with the Financial and HR applications used in the casino and gaming industry. Users can access any information that they’re looking for, directly from their application screens.

IntelliChief thanks the National Indian Gaming Association for the continued opportunity to participate in their local and national events, and looks forward to a continued, strong relationship.

IntelliChief Attends the 2014 IFO FUSION

IntelliChief, a leading provider of document management and workflow software solutions, recently returned from FUSION 2014 in Dallas, TX.

Presenting its world-class software solution, IntelliChief shared how they can help companies of any size automate their paper based processes. This includes processes such as purchase to pay and order to cash, but also expands well beyond finance. IntelliChief’s benefits can even reach production, sales, warehousing, shipping/receiving, and other departments. Because of the scalable design (and its inherent ability to eliminate silos of information), IntelliChief is a solution capable of much more than simple document retention or invoice processing.

“Every attendee at this conference arrives with their list of issues that they hope to learn more about. While every industry has their own challenges, we at IntelliChief have decades of experience in streamlining processes in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable,” said Michael Jasper, Director of Business Development for IntelliChief. He continues by saying, “The conversations we had at the conference are the greatest proof that the IntelliChief solution is a natural fit in these departments.”

IntelliChief thanks IFO for a great event, and looks forward to continued participation in 2015.