IntelliChief Releases Import Link & Fax Link Modules to Expand Customers’ Forms & Fax Options for Its Document Management and Workflow Offerings

IntelliChief’s new document management and workflow automation features can easily integrate with any third-party electronic forms and fax server product. This lets customers store and retrieve both forms and faxes directly from the IntelliChief document repository. It also expands the range of what IntelliChief is able to do – leading to a higher return on investment.

Import Link

Import link is a new document import module for IntelliChief’s enterprise-class software. It allows users to securely file electronic document that are generated by their ERP (or virtually any electronic forms software solution) into IntelliChief.

This feature automatically stores indexes to connect documents to other documents that are part of the same business process. (For instance, Import Link will automatically file a purchase requisition that’s generated by an ERP with the invoice voucher and purchase order for the same transaction. Manual user intervention is no longer needed during the indexing process.

When any document is needed, it’s automatically retrieved alongside the corresponding records. This can be done directly from the ERP application screen.

The newest version now expands this integration beyond Formtastic™ from Quadrant Software™ (which was previously IntelliChief’s sole integration partner for electronic forms). The new module now expands IntelliChief’s reach to any ERP system, and virtually any third-party electronic form solution.

Fax Link

IntelliChief’s fax link module connects IntelliChief to any fax server productThis allows faxed documents to also be sent, received, indexed and related to other business documents directly from an ERP.

With Fax Link, customers can now integrated fax communications (and emails) into their mission-critical processes, without adding extra steps to their workflow. This can significantly speed up the purchase to pay and order to cash cycles.

Meanwhile, customers can continue to use their existing fax system – further leveraging their investment in the technologies they already own.

And, the Fax Link module now expands IntelliChief’s reach by sending outbound or capturing inbound faxed documents from virtually any fax server or fax service. The integration formerly only worked with the FastFax Family of Products™ from Quadrant Software.

Get Import Link, Fax Link, and Other New Document Management Features Right Away

“The whole purpose of IntelliChief is to extend the value of the systems that our customers already own. Whether it’s their Line of Business ERP application, an output system like a forms package or even their fax server. IntelliChief is designed and engineered to help the customer leverage that investment and Import Link and Fax Link help them do that,” says Ken Anderson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IntelliChief.

The new modules are available immediately, to both new and existing customers. The cost starts at $4,995 per system. To learn more about our latest document management and business process automation features, or to talk with an expert about upgrading your own system, contact us today.