Document Management Software for the Friedman Frontier ERP

IntelliChief document management software is specifically designed to integrate with the Friedman Frontier ERP (as well as all other ERP solutions provided by Freedman Operating Group). This provides a wide range of new options for discrete-to-order manufacturers, logistics companies, supply chain management experts, wholesalers, and distributors that have built their businesses on Friedman’s enterprise software.

Enterprise-Class Document Management and Workflow Software

IntelliChief’s document management system provides simple solutions for:

  • Storing documents directly from your computer, scanner, email network, or fax system
  • Searching for and retrieving documents directly from the Friedman ERP
  • Automating the workflows that those documents are used for (e.g., invoice processing and GL coding)

With these tools, users will now be able to manage the complex business processes that involve their unstructured data. For instance, any new business document that they receive – whether it’s from a customer or a supply chain partner – can be instantly moved through the organization for processing. Rather than sending paper from department to department, users can simply route them through IntelliChief, which securely stores and indexes those documents and makes them immediately available to authorized users.

The IntelliChief / Friedman ERP Partnership 

IntelliChief and Friedman (a subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc.) are both providers that place customer value above all else. The two companies have dedicated years to providing the most seamless, efficient solutions on the market – and with the two now working hand in hand, users can solve problems and save money like never before.

The IntelliChief document management solution integrates with the Friedman Frontier ERP (as well as the other enterprise resource planning systems provided by Computer Solutions Inc., Viewlocity, Varsity Logistics, Markinson, Logimax, Winsys and PMC Software) right out of the box. This means that users can start reducing their operating costs, processing their business documents more quickly, and streamlining their workflows right away.

Anywhere in an organization where business effectiveness is hampered by complex processes (or the inefficient manual handling of paper records), IntelliChief can provide meaningful improvements. The most common areas of application include the purchase to pay and order to cash workflow cycles. Accounting, purchasing, customer service, and even HR can all benefit as well.

“Our solutions are very complementary. This partnership will allow Friedman customers to streamline key business tasks such as purchase order and invoice approvals, as well as 2- and 3-way matching. In turn, users can automate entire processes, such as Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash,” explained Michael Jasper, Partner Development Manager at IntelliChief.

Together, these solutions allow organizations to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other document security regulations. They also help reduce the cost of internal and external audits, as all the necessary information is already collected and prepared without user effort.

Get More Information About IntelliChief’s Friedman Document Management Solutions

At IntelliChief, we have the long-standing expertise necessary to provide you with top-of-the-line solutions for your enterprise resource planning system.

Mike Rooney, VP of Sales and Marketing at IntelliChief, states, “This partnership announcement is just the first step in our relationship with Friedman. We will continue to enhance our integration and partnership for the benefit of Friedman customers. There are many more business processes within Friedman accounts where managing documents without the paper, saying goodbye to the paper shuffle, will benefit our mutual customers.”

To learn more about our Friedman-specific document management solutions, contact us today.

IntelliChief LLC Presents Electronic Document Management for Discrete Manufacturers at Infor Channel Partners’ Infor XA–eXtended Advantage Conference


IntelliChief will be presenting their electronic document management solution for Infor XA at Infor Channel Partners. The conference is Information Systems Engineering’s and Systems Group Inc.’s, Infor XA ERP-focused conference, dedicated to showcasing the latest XA, Infor, and IBM solutions.

IntelliChief’s document management product has been custom-developed for discrete manufacturers with mixed-mode processes. This includes repetitive engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, manufacture-to-order, assembly-to-order, and make-to-stock processes.

IntelliChief seamlessly integrates with Infor’s XA ERP, allowing users to:

  • Automate their purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes
  • Eliminate paper from their office, streamline operations, and find documents the moment they’re needed
  • Automatically index and store purchase orders, A/P checks, and more
  • Receive email alerts when approvals are needed
  • Create custom workflows based on existing policies that can be easily automated
  • Add and view documentation notations and history
  • Easily index and re-index document classifications

When Infor XA is used with Infor IntelliChief Document Management, it enables the creation and capture of key business documents electronically, making them available directly from a user’s desktop computer and XA application screens. This helps users to better, and more accurately, manage the complex business processes surrounding the receipt of unstructured data in the form of paper-based business documents generated internally or received from their supply chain partners and customers.

The Infor XA- eXtended Advantage Conference will be held in Racine, Wisconsin at the Racine Marriott on September 17 and September 18. To see how our solutions can extend the function of your Infor XA ERP, stop by our booth or contact us directly.