IntelliChief LLC Presents Electronic Document Management for Foundry and Die-Casting Professionals at B&L Spectrum ’12

IntelliChief will be presenting their latest electronic document management solution – a custom integration for the B&L Information Systems ERP – at Spectrum ’12. Designed specifically for metal-casters, foundries, and other businesses that are built on B&L’s enterprise software solutions, IntelliChief’s document management software offers a variety of imaging & workflow automation functions that considerably improve productivity.

Spectrum ’12 will be held on September 9-11 at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. While in attendance, IntelliChief will be demonstrating their new solutions for:

  • Creating and capturing key business documents electronically
  • Making documents available to authorized users from any computer or mobile device
  • Syncing data directly with B&L Odyssey and BLIS-400 ERP applications

When Odyssey and BLIS-400 are used in conjunction with IntelliChief, users can more accurately manage the unstructured data that’s present on their paper-based business documents. Whether these documents are generated internally or received from supply chain partners or customers, it’s crucial to process this data quickly – and IntelliChief lets you do just that. Our solutions eliminate manual data entry, reduce labor costs as a result of faster document processing, and improve the quality (and accessibility) of crucial business information.

Additional benefits include:

  • The ability to custom-configure settings without specialized technical training
  • Real-time dissemination of data across an entire organization (from accounting and purchasing to customer service)
  • The simplification of complex, multi-step processes through workflow automation
  • A lower cost of accounts payable audits

To learn more about our exciting document management solutions for B&L ERPs, stop by our booth at Spectrum ’12 or contact us directly.

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B&L Document Management

IntelliChief has long been a trusted provider of electronic document management solutions. Now, those solutions integrate directly with the B&L Information Systems ERP. This offers a better approach to document management for foundry & die-casting professionals.

Document Management Solutions for B&L Odyssey and BLIS-400

IntelliChief’s document management software can communicate behind-the-scenes with your B&L ERP – whether that’s Odyssey or BLIS-400. When either of these are used in conjunction with IntelliChief, you can:

  • Create and capture your business documents electronically
  • Access these documents from a desktop computer (either through the internet, or directly from your application screen)
  • Automate crucial workflows, such as invoice processing and sales order processing

This gives you a better way to manage your data, as well as the complex business processes that are necessary to your supply chain’s success.

B&L ERP Document Management

What’s more: the solution is highly customizable. System administrators can use a central screen to configure the integration points, and to select the documents that they’d like to automatically index and store. They can also set which screens users can access archived documents from, and when users will be prompted to scan in physical documents. Once in the system, these documents are securely stored, and indexed for real-time retrieval.

The Advantages of Automated Document Management

When you’re no longer worried about managing your paper records by hand, you’ll notice a significant increase in productivity – as well as lower costs across any department that’s impacted by the change. And with IntelliChief, you can implement your new document management strategy across your entire organization. Our B&L ERP solutions can be used in Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Service, HR, and other operational areas.

Michael Jasper, Partner Development Manager at IntelliChief, states, “Users can expect lower labor costs due to faster business document processing in many areas, including purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. Anywhere that business effectiveness is hampered by the inefficient handling of paper-based documents, IntelliChief can help you un-complicate your processes. The combined solution also enables you to be audit-compliant, making the process more cost effective.”

With IntelliChief’s complete integration, metalworkers that use a B&L ERP can also benefit from improved information quality, accessibility, and analysis — while eliminating redundant data and tasks.

Discuss Your B&L Document Management Project With an Industry-Recognized Expert

BLIS-400 users have benefited from IntelliChief for years. Now, “this project provides the Odyssey community with the same deep level of integration”, says Doug Hinman at B&L Information Systems. “As with the BLIS-400 integration, B&L has taken the lead, has written the Odyssey integration, and will maintain it as future versions are released”, he continues.

To learn more about IntelliChief’s B&L document management solutions, contact us today.

Andis Company Selects Infor’s Document Management Solution, Infor IntelliChief ™

Infor IntelliChief™ improves operational efficiency while reducing the use of paper, toner, and storage costs.


Mansfield, MA (August 14, 2012)— IntelliChief LLC, the official document management solution provider to Infor, and leading provider of paperless solutions for the IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) and Power Enterprise, today announced the signing of their newest client, Andis Company.

Andis Company, headquartered in Sturtevant, WI, is a leading manufacturer of handheld tools used to trim, cut, curl, straighten and dry hair for people and animals. This family held business offers products in 90 countries around the world, while also supplying the hotel industry with hang-up dryers, coffee makers and steam irons. As Andis marches towards 100 years in business, customers can be guaranteed future product innovation, a long term strategy, the drive of a dedicated workforce, and many more great things to come from Andis.

Andis Company recently purchased IntelliChief, including the Infor XA Integration Module. Not only will Andis’ IntelliChief solution integrate directly with their Infor XA application, but it will also improve operational efficiency and reduce the use of paper, toner, and storage costs.

With IntelliChief, users scan paper files and archive them in the IntelliChief repository while backing up this data as part of their electronic disaster recovery efforts. Not only are these scanned files backed up and protected, but they are available to view throughout the business directly from familiar ERP screens.

Andis Company can expect a return on investment for IntelliChief in less than 12 months by automating their business processes and eliminating paper.

About IntelliChief, LLC
IntelliChief, is the leading provider of Paperless Process Management (PPM) solutions for the IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) Enterprise. With decades of expertise in the market and seamless integration with leading ERP software vendors, IntelliChief takes companies of all sizes paperless with a typical ROI of less than one year. Users can create, capture, manage, archive, retrieve, and distribute mission-critical documents directly from their familiar ERP screens, eliminating the need for filing cabinets, storage facilities, fax machines, copiers, and paper files.

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Director of Marketing
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