IntelliChief Presents Paperless Accounting at the 2011 AFP Annual Conference


IntelliChief will be presenting the latest advancements in paperless accounts payable (and paperless accounts receivable) at the upcoming Association of Financial Professionals conference.

The 2011 AFP Conference will be held in Boston, November 6-8, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Attendees can visit IntelliChief booth #1041 to discover AP automation solutions, designed specifically to help eliminate paper from Accounts Payable, automate the invoice approval workflow, and make reporting seamless.

Our products solve many common problems faced by finance professionals, including:

  • High paper costs
  • Document and data confidentiality
  • Lost and misplaced information
  • Disaster damage

Whatever ERP your accounting professionals rely on, IntelliChief can communicate with it seamlessly. Users can store and retrieve documents directly from their ERP application screens — providing instant to purchase orders, acknowledgements, statements, receiving documents, invoices, checks, and any other document. Electronic workflows let you use your existing technologies with less effort.

The result? increased document accessibility, quicker turnaround for invoices and approvals, and a reduced burden of shuffling paperwork around your Accounting department. To learn more about the benefits, contact us today.


IntelliChief to Present the Infor XA Document Management Solution at the Manufacturing and XA User Conference


Infor’s document management solution partner to present Infor IntelliChief™ Document Management

As the leading provider & official document management solution provider for Infor XA, IntelliChief is proud to present at the 2011 Manufacturing Conference for XA Users.

The 19th annual conference presented by MK & Associates and Guide Technology will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan from October 26-27.

With a robust suite of Infor document management products on offer, we’re proud of the smooth integration that allows user to start increasing operational efficiency right away.

“We are excited to present to users how the Infor IntelliChief solution can bring innovation to departments such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, where employees struggle with manual processes and a lack of visibility” said Michael Jasper, Partner Development Manager for IntelliChief.

Our solutions make it easier to use Infor for a number of common business processes, from purchasing and receiving to payables, human resources, customer service, and more.