IntelliChief Adds Document Routing System for Faster Workflows

Tampa, FL (February, 2010) — IntelliChief, LLC, has recently announced the release of its latest version of the IntelliChief™ paperless process management solution. This version features an advanced document routing system – in addition to IntelliChief’s core document capture and archive solutions – helping companies manage their document-driven processes from end to end.

IntelliChief Version 2.6.1 builds upon the software’s core foundation, adding more flexibility to help companies of all sizes process their documents more efficiently. With Release 2.6.1, IntelliChief’s Workflow features become more of a BPM (business process management) system, allowing companies to configure their software to mimic their own internal business processes.

New key features include:

New Workflow Routing

The Workflow has incorporated additional options to facilitate the routing of documents for review and approval. A new option, Routing Group, allows the routing of documents to a Group instead of selecting a particular user. The document is then routed to the appropriate user in the group based on the document type.

For example, IT invoices related to hardware purchases need to be routed to the MIS Manager, not the Network Manager. An Accounts Payable clerk may not know that and so instead of guessing or trying to find the appropriate user from the users list, that AP clerk can simply route it to “MIS Dept” group and IntelliChief will route it to the MIS Manager, saving time and simplifying the process.

Enhanced Monitoring and Processing of Documents

Documents routed by IntelliChief’s Workflow are sent to different electronic inboxes from where users can view and decide what to do with them. In Accounts Payable, for example, typical workflow inboxes are “Invoices Pending Approval”, “Invoices Pending Purchase Order”, “Invoices Ready for Voucher”, and “Expense Invoices” just to name a few. Companies processing high volumes of documents, however, found themselves having to look into multiple places when looking for “pending” items to be processed (i.e. a manager looking for all pending invoices for the day had to look under “Invoices Pending Approval” and also under “Invoices Pending Purchase Order”).

With the new 2.6.1 release, IntelliChief comes with default Workflow inboxes to make working with and monitoring electronic documents even easier. Default Workflow inboxes now include “Initial”, “Pending”, “Exception”, and “Return” inboxes which are used in addition to the typical electronic inboxes a company creates during installation. Following the earlier example, a manager looking for all pending documents to be processed can now simply go to the “Pending” inbox for an overview of all pending items. Measuring productivity and looking for specific documents is now easier for the whole company.

Better Control for Document Distribution

When ERP generated documents were automatically distributed via print, fax or email, they would then go to IntelliChief’s archive for future retrieval. For many public companies dealing with SOX however, documents such as Purchase Orders are required to be approved before they are distributed. This meant forgoing automatic fax/email and instead manually emailing the approved PO via IntelliChief, one by one.

The new release fixes this problem by allowing documents that are to be automatically printed, faxed or emailed to first go through IntelliChief’s Workflow for approval and only after they are electronically approved is that they are faxed or emailed. This keeps the automation in place since users only need to approve the document before it is sent out, and also helps companies comply with SOX more easily.

New Routing Administration Screen

IntelliChief 2.6.1 includes improved installation procedures for its highly popular WebForms component.

IntelliChief WebForms is an easy-to-use software tool for creating web-based forms that can be completed and routed among authorized users for creation of business documents not normally provided by key application vendors. For example, templates are now provided for the creation of a purchase order requisition and a check request.

By replacing hand written forms, the IntelliChief WebForms module allows users to use their internet browser to fill out the online form and submit it for approval. If changes are necessary, the electronic form can be modified by authorized users electronically until it satisfies all requirements. Upon approval, which is also done electronically via IntelliChief, the WebForm is then saved as an image file in IntelliChief and routed to the appropriate user for processing.

Users can access the WebForms from anywhere in their organization and speed up purchasing and check requests. The audit trail that is created every time the form is opened, viewed, changed, and approved helps managers and auditors track the full transaction throughout its completion.


Release 2.6.1 is available immediately and is free of charge to existing IntelliChief customers. Current IntelliChief customers can achieve significant savings and improvements in their business processes by taking advantage of the new release.

For more information about IntelliChief, call (813) 971-9500 or email our sales team,