Mincron Selects IntelliChief to Add Cost Saving Paperless Processing to MSS/HD ERP

Mincron, a leading supplier of integrated software solutions and services to distribution companies, has selected IntelliChief as the exclusive document management provider for the MSS/HD ERP.

IntelliChief works in tandem with enterprise forms, fax , and laser check generation. It integrates entirely with Mincron MSS/HD, and is now available as part of the latest release (12.0 and newer).

“[With IntelliChief], we can provide a one-vendor solution for our users’ paperless needs. This provides more cost saving options to our customers, helps them with their green initiatives, and falls in line with our commitment to satisfy the needs of our clients,” stated Paul Lightfoot, Mincron CEO.

Use Your Mincron ERP More Effectively With IntelliChief

IntelliChief allows Mincron users to:

With IntelliChief, it’s easy to manage purchase orders, order acknowledgements, bills of lading, receivers, and invoices – all in a modern, easily searchable electronic format.

“Mincron fully understands the benefits of taking time and cost out of the distribution model,” says Gary Langton, IntelliChief Co-Founder and CEO. “Their clients will realize significant savings when they add the power of IntelliChief’s imaging and workflow engine.” Langton continues: “In a typical distribution model, a move to end-to-end paperless processing delivers savings with enough zeros behind it to turn the heads of executive sponsors.”

Cost Savings, Process Improvements, and More

Mincron is made much more efficient with the addition of IntelliChief. Benefits include:

With these key benefits, distributors who use Mincron for resource management can accelerate their order-to-shipment, delivery-to-collection, and purchase-to-pay workflows. At the same time, they can reduce expenses and improve their response time to client requests – essential improvements as they look to become leaders in their respective industries.

To learn more about our document management solutions for Mincron MSS/HD, contact IntelliChief today.